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Black Widow: What does it feel like to be bitten by a black widow spider? - Quora

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It hurts! A lot!!

Have you been bitten by a black widow spider?!  It sounds .... disabling!

"Oh yeah, baby!

The only way I could explain the beautiful, and life altering, experience of being bitten by one of those wicked little black widows would be to say that I would rather have been strung up naked by my toes, in the middle of the town square, have my naked body slathered in honey, and then have an entire battalion of honey-starved Winnie the Pooh bears set loose to devour me at their pleasure.  

I know it wouldn't be pretty, and I know that images of this situation will haunt your dreams for many nights to come.I can assure you that the black widow bite was just as horrific.  That little farging   ice-hole of a bastage spider bit me on the knee.  My knee swelled up to the size of Quasimodo's head.  

My skin became so white and pasty that I could have given the Pillsbury dough boy a run for his money.  Every time I tried to walk, I cursed the God's of black widow spiders.  The pain was horrific.I eventually received an anti-venom.  Can anyone say 'Nectar of the Gods'.  

So here's what it was like- enormous swelling at the site of the bite.  Vomiting, a fever from hell, body aches that are hard to describe.  Headaches that gave me tunnel vision.

But the absolutely worst, most god-awful consequence of it all was that I couldn't do the horizontal-hula with my wife for a week.  Need I say more?"

That sounds awful.

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