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Badass Colt McCoy catches bird with bare hands gif


Thank you Zyzzling for making this gif.

badass catches bird with bare hand gif Imgur pastor colt mccoy

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That's Colt McCoy, an NFL quarterback. He went on a hunt with a pastor from Texas, with whom he planned to author a book. This incident was filmed during the hunt, but the rest of the footage was to be used to help write the book.

There is a lot of speculation that this situation was set up since pen-raised birds are a lot less afraid of humans than wild quail. The video itself appears to not be faked -- he actually caught the bird mid-flight.

The video:


man catches bird bare hands upvote gif reddit imgur pastor colt mccoy

caged or not, this guy rocks!

True, this guy does rock. Catching ANY bird in your hand like that is not easy!