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Think American healthcare is the best in the world? Think again.

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It's definitely the most expensive... but not the best in terms of results, and off-the-charts the worst in terms of cost-benefit.

So we should expect a rise in Americans spending on medical tourism in the future. 

i had free knee surgery in nicaragua and it saved my leg.  FREE.  leg saved!  great value there.

How can they afford to give knee surgery away for free?

i have no idea.  it was an emergency.  i was asked for no information—they just went to work!

You know, that restores my faith in humanity a little.

My sister lived in St. Lucia for two years, cut her hand while there, required stitches, antibiotics, eventual removal of stitches and the ENTIRE bill was $15.  She said she received excellent care (and she does not say these things casually).  What do you think the bill would be stateside?

that's awesome about your sister.  the bill in the US would be at least ten times greater!

Emergency room without insurance, it would be 100 times greater.

true, in an emergency room it costs $1500 just to be seen!

Yeah, I was thinking that emergency room visit in California would be closer to $10,000.

We have crazy medical costs out here.

In theory, everyone having insurance will reduce the costs some.

In practice I have never seen health care costs go down, even when they can and should.

It's kind of like education costs. They only seem to go up.

but as bad as our hospitals are, i've been to our local emergency clinic here in florida twice—once to remove a tiny shard of metal from my eye and once for 8 stitches on my son's split chin—and each visit was about $150.  (paid at the time without insurance.)  i was impressed.

Huh. That's unexpectedly good. I wonder why so low.

so do i.  if i remember, i'll ask next time i'm in there!

If there is a next time. Hopefully not!

hopefully not, indeed!  :)

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