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The Mountain is suffering from the effects of Death Head Manticore poison.

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He is dying of the venom, but slowly, and in exquisite agony.[5]”– Qyburn to Cersei Lannister

“The flesh mortifies and the wounds ooze pus. Even maggots will not touch such foulness. His convulsions are so violent that I have had to gag him to prevent him from biting off his own tongue. I have cut away as much tissue as I dare, and treated the rot with boiling wine and bread mold, to no avail. The veins in his arms are turning black. When I leeched him, all the leeches died.[21]”- Pycelle to the small council

If he dies, what happens to Tyrion?  Because both would have died, so no clear winner.

Couple of things:

Doesn't matter;  Tyrion's champion was defeated in combat.

Tyrion killed his father, the Hand of the King, during his escape.  He's a murderer in truth now.

The Mountain won't die.  

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