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Chronic Stress Is Probably Self-Induced

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We do it to ourselves, and that's what really hurts.

  • Fix it, walk away or accept it. When confronted with a stress-producing situation, you have one of three choices: Fix it, do it immediately or make a plan to do it. If you cannot fix the situation, walk away. Don’t own the situation any more. Just put it in your rearview mirror. Or, accept it, which means no more beating yourself up. It is what it is, and let’s move on. All else is madness and leads to stress and disease.

this is so, so true.

i had been dealing with a big problem for years.  i tried to fix it, then i tried to accept it, and eventually, i had to walk away.  the interesting thing is: my chronic shin splints and ankle pain simply disappeared when i did.  i had no idea they were stress related.  but it only took three days, and the pain was gone.  poof!  like magic!

magic gif shia

we really do control our bodies, from the inside out.

Wait, so just by walking away, your stress disappeared?! Wow!

disappeared when i let it go...

cue elsa!

elsa let it go gif Imgur

Haha, good analogy! Or is it a metaphor?

Elsa let it go gif

a metaphor, i guess.

well, neither really.  it's just elsa saying the same thing i am, but with disney magic!!

Well I imagine you saying it the same magical way!

that's right!  busting it out at the top of my lungs in perfect pitch!  :)

Elsa in Frozen reminds me of Elphaba in Wicked.

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