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It's OK to Say 'No' to Your Boss

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How to Say No to Additional Work

After you’ve worked at your new job for six months to one year – depending on your industry and the time it takes to ramp up in your job – you’re asked to take on a 10th client. This means you’ll be expected to work 80-hour weeks, which isn’t OK with you. The key is not saying to your boss, “no, I can’t,” but rather, it's to pitch an alternative solution and present it as a better way to solve the problem your boss and your company face. Keep in mind as you plan your approach that your boss will care primarily about how it affects her and the company, not you, even if she’s a strong advocate for you and your work. And on a practical level, it's usually best to tell your boss when she is less busy (e.g., midweek and not at the beginning or end of the workday).

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