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Lean Startup +  Enterprise = Lean EnterpriseCompelling. Isn’t it?

The idea that an enterprise scale company with tens of thousands of employees can be as swift and nimble as a startup is enchanting…

…but it’s false.

Comparing an enterprise to a startup is like comparing an ocean to a dolphin. They simply don’t equate.

Enterprises can’t be like startups and they certainly can’t be Lean Enterprises. They can however nurture startups as the ocean can hold and nurture an abundance of life.

Well, a dolphin swims in the ocean. Can a startup swim in an enterprise?

Yep...also sink.

But dolphins don't sink... do they?

I have seen a sunken dolphin. Actually was the only thing I saw while diving in Monterrey. Too much silt everywhere. No visibility.

Apparently some dolphins can be real jerks:

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