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Oculus VR heads discuss the problem with PC-driven VR, and standalone hardware

Oculus VR heads discuss the problem with PC driven VR and standalone hardware Polygon


The Oculus Rift hardware team is looking at display that actually run above 1080p resolution, and we know that virtual reality becomes uncomfortable at anything less than 60fps.

With even next-generation systems sometimes having problems hitting that spec at all, much less with having to render each frame twice for the stereoscopic effect, consumers who want to run the most taxing games in virtual reality are going to have to spend some money for upgrades.

I asked Nate Mitchell, the VP of Product at Oculus VR, whether he worries about that aspect of the hardware. "Yes," he answered. So how do you fix that particular issue?

"We have John Carmack," Oculus founder Palmer Luckey said with a smile.

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"We have John Carmack" is a great answer to ANY question.

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