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Visual Arts: NASA Ames Mars Gallery

Stashed in: Mars!, NASA

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A major aspect of the exhibition is VSU’s dialogue with scientists and other subject matter experts at the NASA Ames Research Center to gather information directly informing the artworks in the exhibition. Vargas-Suarez explores concepts for retrieving materials from Mars, asteroids and other orbiting bodies in our solar system with the intention of allowing artists, architects and designers access to these materials to expand and explore possibilities not available to them with traditional materials available here on Earth.

The exhibition installation in MACLA’s gallery is set up as a mock “clean room,” or spacecraft processing facility, typically found at NASA operations centers. The installation includes hand-intervened new digital prints, murals, paintings, sculptural objects, and a video produced in collaboration with artist Barbora Bereznakova. The exhibit was curated by Mónica Ramírez-Montagut, the Senior Curator and Associate Director at MACLA.

If you go into a mock clean room, don't you make it dirty.

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