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The Shocking ‘Fargo’ Finale: Creator Noah Hawley Breaks Down the Epic Bloodbath

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The ending was disappointing after all that setup.

I thought it was satisfying, good to see the bad guy get it in the end.  I kept thinking Malvo would kill everyone at the police station, including pregnant Solverson.  Is the show completely over?  I would like some back story, like where did Malvo come from?  What history led to his life turning out this way?

They're debating having a second season. They left it open to do those things.

Good to see Malvo get it but there was no subtlety and nothing crafty about it.

Malvo never really explains why he lets some people live.

I had totally forgotten about the green riddle and they didn't explain it.

They disposed of Key and Peele so quickly after all that buildup -- I wanted redemption for them. 

And I wanted Lester to come clean.

And I wanted the father and kid to do more than just sit on the porch.

And there was no real resolution to the blackmailed guy's plot, was there?

Feels like this finale could have been a lot better.

I think they closed a bunch of loops and some are left to the imagination. 

It was satisfying ending to me.

I suspect that Lester will become the new "Malvo".

That would be interesting, I wonder if Malvo was like Lester before?  The Lester character reminds me of Walter White, nice guy getting kicked around, get's some self esteem, then maybe goes too far to the other side!

Yep, the best story plot ever. Turning to the dark side. 

A-la Darth Vader and Mike Corleone.

I thought Lester died at the end? No?

Did you see the body? What if he will reborn?

He fell into freezing water and didn't come back up for air. He's a goner!

Maybe it was part of his plan, and he had a diving suit on underneath his clothes?  OK, that's a bit farfetched! lol  Maybe a prequel is the only possibility?

A diving suit would be a fun twist, actually. Hmmm.

We'll see if the show gets renewed. 

Could be like True Detective or American Horror Story where they start again from scratch.

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