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The shocking numbers: Americans are dangerously ignorant on politics -

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In other words, when Republicans say there is no such thing as gravity, and Democrats reply that gravity is real, CNN and the like say, “Look, Democrats and Republicans are fighting again,” which not only exacerbates the nation’s anti-intellectualism and anti-rationalism, but also increases the likelihood of extremist views and falsehoods taking hold in the national electorate.

The article speaks truth and yet, even knowing that, the system resists change with all its power.

The party system, and the left and right ideologies, are just a very efficient distraction to keep the focus off the real problem.  Their hands are in the cookie jar, but everyone is too busy fighting amongst themselves to notice.

Even if we did notice, what could we do about it? They control EVERYTHING.

We still have control, but it's getting closer to not having enough to change things.  Our biggest power is, we can vote with our pocketbooks.  We need more transparency, so we can uncover companies that are not good, manipulating/gaming the system, paying for politicians, treating their employees, their customers, and often the environment unfairly.  Then, we don't patronize them anymore, no matter how much we love their product/service, no matter how cheap it is, otherwise we are helping them continue, and can share some of the blame.

It always amazed me how people are so ignorant of classic liberalism, a philosophy embracing liberty, natural law, self-reliance, limited government, and individualism, and the current use of the word to mean social-collectivism, what is clearly a dehumanizing behemoth.   

It surprises me how (often poor) people, can be so protective of rich people and companies, just in case they might ever get there themselves, I guess?  Some seem to be willing to live in poverty, while rah rahing for corporations at every turn.