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Nutmeg Mobile GIFs Is The Answer To Your Sad, GIF free Existence

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Nutmeg is a new app that makes it easy to share gifs:

It’s called Nutmeg, and it brings an experience similar to Giphy to mobile. When you first open the app, you’re given a set of responses, which include So Excited, Oh Hello, Ugh Fail, Awesome, and HaHaHa. Within each category are a set of gifs that fit those descriptions.

When you click once on a gif, it plays. When you click twice, the app pushes you directly to the messaging app with the gif ready to be sent. Simply add a recipient and shoot it off.

The app is brand new, and thus lacks a ton of selection, but the team is working to expand the offerings as we speak.

The app also features a section at the top that focuses on current events. Right now, for example, the app has a World Cup section.

If you’re itching to get your gif on, check out the app on the App Store here.

Nutmeg competes with Blippy and Giphy:

me watching game of thrones on sunday gif Imgur Tumblr

Even better: an app that only lets you say YO. Srsly. They raised $1.2 million.

Even better: an app that only lets you say MEH.

Okay, THAT one is the fake app. Really.

And then there's WUT, which lets anonymous friends send you a line of expiring text:

They, too, raised over $1 million.

You know, all these new apps are so simple they make Snapchat and Secret look like Facebook.

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