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Elon Musk fields questions from Tesla shareholders 2014

"I tried not not be CEO." ~Elon Musk at 37:30 in response to question at 36:15

Elon plans on being CEO through high volume cars for the next 4-5 years.

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From Tesla Motors 2014 shareholder meeting Q&A.

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What schools did I attend? I attended Central, Community, Temple, Drexel, and LaSalle. I made the schools successful. What is my highest education achieved?Self-Phd. I have an AA and BDE, Bachelors Degree Equivalent with 120 college credits. Roy Cap Philipose @royphilipose

 ·  Jun 19

Who says I'm broke? I will be fine with the multiple "libel" lawsuits that I am filing. (Laughter is one thing. Lies are another.)

the situation was interesting. posted before the pic.

I feel bad for the guy, not because as one reddit commenter said "he maybe smart but too socially inept to do anything with it.."

But rather he is clearly disturbed by his feeling that he is not thriving. 

Thriving to be Bill Gates (reddit example) or Musk? Others thrive to be a Kardashian. 

My three year old gets to ask one bedtime question a night. Last night he asked, "mommy, if you make enough money can you stop working?" 

Mind you we rarely talk about money and at 3 he understands. 

If this poor guy could tone it down he could probably have a good chance of being well. 

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