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Dan Dotson of Storage Wars Suffers Double Brain Aneurysm

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One behind the eye and one in the neck the size of an apricot? WOW!

He was given a 4%-20% chance of survival.

He's doing better than expected but he's by no means out of the woods.

If "neck" means "near the brain stem" here, then his odds of having a gross neural deficit are really really high. :(

That's sad.

I had to look up gross neural deficit:

A neurological deficit is a functional impairment caused by a problem with the brain. Some examples can include weakness on one side of the body, loss of coordination, and slurred speech. Any injury involving the brain can lead to neurological deficits and patients can also be born with impairments, the result of problems with fetal development. Treatment is available, depending on the nature of the issue.

The brain uses a complex series of circuits to convey information for handling everything from logic to walking. If a problem develops along a circuit, the body may not function normally. In a person with a neurological deficit, either a signal does not get through at all, or the brain garbles it, and errors occur. With voluntary movements, this can result in uncontrolled or weak movement, and for involuntary movements and reflexes, it can mean that something does not happen at all, or that the patient experiences spasms while trying to do things like breathing.

A stroke can be a cause of a neurological deficit, as can tumors, degenerative brain diseases, and head injuries. Often, these functional problems are the first warning sign of a problem with the brain, and they may onset gradually. Someone could start experiencing low-level clumsiness that, over time, turns into more serious problems, like being unable to walk, having trouble controlling the hands for even simple movements, and difficulty speaking and swallowing.

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