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Why do conservatives want Paul Ryan to be vice president?

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As vice president, he would be a soldier in the Romney White House — which most everyone expects to be cautious, pragmatic, and dominated by establishment figures. In the Romney White House, CEO Mitt Romney will set the strategy, and there’s little evidence that his instincts match Ryan’s preference for detailed, sweeping plans. So conservatives would have taken Ryan out of the House, where he’s proven himself able to drive the Republican Party’s agenda and force presidential candidates to sign onto his vision, and jammed him into a subordinate role in the executive branch, where he’d be duty-bound to fall in line behind President Romney’s agenda.

Conversely, as House Budget Chairman — or, potentially, Ways and Means Chairman — Ryan can be a conservative check on the Romney White House. They’ll have to negotiate their policies with him, they’ll be so afraid of disapproval that they’ll always get his sign-off first. If they prove squishy, Ryan can simply lead other House Republicans in sending Senate Republicans and the Romney administration legislation that goes further than they want to go, and daring them to risk the conservative backlash that will come if they stand in its way.

Best explanation I've heard of why Romney chose Ryan. Thanks!

More on the choice of Ryan:

Romney was willing to give up a substance-free campaign (which wasn't working for him anyway) by turning Ryan into an ally.

Their big problem is that now they really ARE running on a platform for the 1%.

It's hard to get 50.1% to vote for things that benefit the 1%.

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