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Dropcam’s Beef with Brogramming, Late Nights, and Free Dinners

Dropcam s Beef with Brogramming Late Nights and Free Dinners Xconomy


“Our number one hiring policy is our ‘no assholes‘ policy. I’ve found through my short time in the industry that there are lots of smart people in a place like Silicon Valley, and some of them are friendly, and some of the best people are not friendly and are not team players. Many companies hire them. We do not. We artificially restrict the number of people we can hire by hiring people that we think have good ethical fiber. And we think that goes to how we treat our customers.”

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Just 15 months ago he said:

If You Must Flip the Company, Hold Out for A Billion Dollars

“We are not building the company to flip it. We have turned down many acquisition offers. Fundamentally, I think that most acquisitions are not good for employees. The average Silicon Valley acquisition is, in the end, in the tens of millions of dollars or less. Think of some of the networks that have been created by the most successful company exits—the PayPal acquisition was for more than a billion dollars. That’s almost like an IPO in terms of the value that’s created, and look what has come out of that: Elon Musk running SpaceX and Tesla, Peter Thiel running Clarium and Founders Fund, Luke Nosek running Halcyon Molecular.

“Dropcam will be successful if we can create a dynasty of people like that. But you can only do that by aiming for large exits. So that is something that is really important to me: making employees wealthy, versus selling out for something that would just make the founders millions.”

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