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Screen cap of GRRM skyping John Oliver. DOS in full effect. What does that screen say? Enhance. "Not Arya! Not Arya!"

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He types in Wordstar 4.0 on a separate computer, disconnected from the internet and everything for security. He said he likes old-fashioned Wordstar because it doesn't nag him with spell checks and autocaps and all.

A Feast for Crows has a dedication page

"for Stephen Boucher, wizard of Windows, dragon of DOS, without whom this book would have been written in crayon."

GRRM is at 13:44 in this John Oliver video:

John Oliver skyping with GRRM: "Not Arya! Not Arya!" :)

No Spoilers Screen cap of GRRM during the John Oliver sketch DOS in full effect gameofthrones

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