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Osmo Launches Leap Motion-Style iPad Gaming Platform

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Tangible Play has been developing Osmo for the last year and quietly testing the device in elementary school classrooms for the last six months. Sharma says it's already been a success in classrooms because it gets students to interact with one another while playing the games, as opposed to focusing only on what's on the screen.

The Osmo will eventually retail for $99 but pre-sale backers can snag one for $49 during the crowdfunding period.

Sharma says the company will eventually open the platform to other developers who want to build their own games, but for the now, the company is focusing on making their own games perfect.

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In development for over a year, we first spotted Tangible Play demonstrating its games at a previous TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Alley.

The company was founded by ex-Googlers, including Pramod Sharma, who had earlier seen the intersection of physical and digital when he helped build Google’s book-scanning machine, and Jérôme Scholler, who had worked on Chrome for Android.

box-3pack-osmoBoth men are also dads, and like most parents, they have mixed feelings about the way today’s tablet computers engage kids’ attention. On the one hand, technologists generally like to see their kids embracing digital tools at young ages.

They're crowdfunding to demonstrate demand, not because they need the money.

Curious that ex Googlers built a platform for iPad and never mention Android. 

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