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How to Clean Your Bike Step by Step

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Green Fizz!

“In the old days, to clean your bike, you’d fill up a five-gallon bucket with dawn detergent and lots of suds, put on the rubber gloves and arm yourself with brushes of every size and shape and start scrubbing,” says Bracken. “With Dawn and diesel fuel as degreaser, you’d spend a hour minimum working grime out of tiny spaces, then buff the whole thing up with lemon pledge. It was messy and toxic.”

These days, biodegradable chemistry to do it all for you. Environmentally-friendly cleaners won’t hurt you, your bike or the environment. Here’s a 10-minute plan for bike cleaning (20 if you include fully degreasing your drive train).

Prep: Purchase ready to use  (RTU) foaming bike wash, like Pedros Green Fizz Foaming Bike Wash, at your local bike shop safe for frame, fork, saddle, bar tape, wheels, and components, as well as a bottle of bike polish, like Pedros Bike Lust, and a small container ofchain lube. Back at home, find a place to hang or hold your bike—a folding repair stand, a wall you can lean it against.  

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