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Rich Kids Of Snapchat memes

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But how about using Snapchat to overtly brag? Enter the internet's newest cringeworthy phenomenon: The Rich Kids Of Snapchat.

Yes, a Snapchat account dedicated to shooting off ephemeral messages of fame, power, and riches. The Rich Kids Of Instagram, a 2012 phenomenon, is officially old news.

The Rich Kids Of Snapchat started with a Facebook page called PrivateSchoolSnaps. People Snapchat their brags to one specific account, and the manager of the account collects, saves, and posts the photos to Facebook.

The Facebook page has more than 240,000 likes.

Yes, this does kind of disregard the point of Snapchat (where the appeal is that messages disappear in a matter of seconds), but the idea of The Rich Kids Of Snapchat is to show off, shamelessly, using the current social media outlet of choice among people in their teens and early 20s.

PrivateSchoolSnaps started in the U.K., but it's going worldwide. The Daily Trojan at the University of Southern California reports "Rich Kids of Snapchat sent out a message on Snapchat, claiming that they’re coming to USC in the fall." USC is not happy about this, and is trying to distance itself from its reputation as the "University of Spoiled Children."

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