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Why The Music Industry's Next Big Disruption Is In The Recording Studio

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LANDR is a new service that's likely to rattle some cages by providing recording mastering online and automatically. Traditionally, mastering is a skilled task performed by a recording engineer, but LANDR uses a sophisticated learning algorithm in order to eliminate the manual, human-powered work.


First, a song gets recorded, then mixed. Finally, it’s mastered as the final step in the recording process. Mastering involves finely adjusting the audio for things most people won’t be able to audibly detect without guidance. The mastering process also involves properly preparing the audio for a vinyl format versus a digital one.


“Our system does many different tasks, including the standard mastering processes like equalization, limiting, excitation, compression, tape emulation, and more,” says Justin Evans, VP of products and innovations at MixGenius. “Which processors are used and how they are applied depends on the analysis of the incoming content.”


So... I can sing and it will make me sound like Justin Timberlake?

That's right.  If we close our eyes we'll see Ramen hair on your head.

Why close our eyes?

Justin Timberlake ramen

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