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8 not so obvious signs you actually love your work

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these are all good, and they remind me how much i love what i do.

i love tuesdays.  because i'm back into it and i still have 4 days left!

4 days left till what? My weeks blend into my weekends these days. :)

haha!  true datt!

There are no weekends these days. Every day is an opportunity to learn!

1. There are never enough hours to accomplish everything.

There is always a constant stream of work coming in. But you don’t let it paralyze you. There is so much to be done because you keep getting it done. You’re in the work flow, baby. Hemingway always stopped writing when he had more to say. It was better than writing ’til he ran dry, which meant picking it up the next day with nothing ready to write. This is you at work. There’s always a to-do list ready to go the next day.

Good work never seems to end!

and it makes me feel better to know even hemingway stopped when he had more to do!  until reading this, i hadn't considered that a plus—more like just having to go to sleep!

It's harder to write less than to write more!

6. You are constantly inspired by the people around you.

The things they seem to accomplish can sometime blow you away. You admire their tenacity in their work and you want to support them any way you can so that they can keep being awesome. You love what you are all working toward collectively as a team. Typically, when we are feeling good, we see the good in others. So by admiring the work of others, it’s coming from a place of admiring your own work as well.

Inspiration is everywhere.

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