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Colleges Increasing Spending on Sports Faster than on Academics

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LOL at the Penn State logo parody. Did you mean to use that one?

Funny, right?  No, it was accidental.  I'm posting from my phone and the Times article didn't have images.


For years, the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, a watchdog group of academic leaders and others, has been documenting, and deploring, the race in sports expenditures at the most competitive level, Division I. But this report is believed to be the first that also compares educational spending and athletic spending, over time, at Division II and III schools and at community colleges.

“Many of us have had the concern that the out-of-control expenditures in Division I would have a cascading effect, and this report suggests that our worst fears are coming to pass,” said William Kirwan, co-chairman of the Knight Commission and chancellor of the University System of Maryland. “The American culture is so in love with athletics that even though many people know the right thing to do, they can’t do it.”

"Even though many people know the right thing to do, they can’t do it." That's chilling.