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What makes a “good” startup event? — Medium

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not all startup events are the same.  Yay PW

Yay PW?

Events, like people, should be focused

The Startup Digest community as we understand it is a very diverse one, consisting of founders, investors, engineers, designers, marketers, product managers, etc. There are tons of great resources for any one of those verticals, but our job is to focus on *startup* events, since an interest in startups is the one thing that all SD subscribers have in common.

That’s why it’s called “Startup Digest” and not “Tech Digest” or “Design Digest”. It’s certainly possible that a niche technical event can provide valuable insight for a startup founder and we’d certainly consider it, but startup-focused events will always take priority over more general engineering/design/marketing events.

Aren't we at PandaWhale, like, the opposite of focused?

No. I would offer you focus on the people and the possible connections. 

You may be right.

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