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A 450 pound man has set the goal to walk for 4 miles every day for an entire year. This is day 17; the progress from day 1 is astounding.

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First day was "Transformation" :

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Watched this video again. It's pretty darn excellent.

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As a 300+ lb man who has started to walk to work every day, I can attest to how quickly your body starts to get with the program. I've tried running before (Couch to 5k, etc) and never had any success with it. Walking, however, has been wonderful and I look forward to my walk every morning and afternoon. Podcasts are great to keep me occupied but some days I don't even headphone up and just take in the world around me. Good on this guy, I hope he sticks with it!

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If you're expecting to see transformation or maybe time lapse or something then let me save 4:06 of your life. Good on him for doing what he's doing but this video is just him walking and talking about this day's walk and what he ate yesterday and today and what he drank and what the score is of the Braves baseball game and what he talked to his friend about on the phone (ps4) and how tall the grass is now vs how it will be in the summer.


I looked at earlier ones and moreso than anything the transformation is in his attitude about the walks and how he sounds while going through it, which, with the kind of weight loss he's gonna need to actually be healthy, is a huge first step.

Brutally honest obesity commercial: Rewind the Future.

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Want to see some drop from 650 to 250 through exercise and eating right?

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