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INSANITY - As millions vape, e-cigarette researchers count puffs, scour Facebook

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The whole thing seems completely crazy and unsustainable.  All these cities, counties, and states pre-spent their master tobacco settlement money as if they had hit the lottery, but now that electronic cigarettes are eating into their tax revenues, and in theory causing less health costs, all those municipalities and states are in a panic as their funding was cut out from underneath them.

In the meantime users are looking to abuse the platform in completely dangerous ways like delivering other substances, chemical or natural, upping the doses of substances it does provide, and increasing their usage based on an assumed "safer" product. 

This whole thing has the makings of a perfect storm of bad decisions all around: users, municipalities, regulators, taxpayers.....

It also feels like an unstoppable juggernaut, unfortunately.

I mean, what can they actually do about it?

Stop spending money they don't have!

You want governments to stop spending money they don't have? Do they know any other way?

Those are not e-cigarette vapings! Those are marijuana vapings. Marijuana is what makes that fun.

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