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How to be a Better Listener

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i can work on this!  i tend to be a "gusher" as this article says... offering lots of excited interruptions!

I struggle with impatience - especially when someone takes a long time to get to the point.  It can be hard to stay fully present...

yes, and there are those who go on and on long after you got it!  what do we do then?

Sometimes, when I can get a word in edgewise, I try to make a summary statement so I can communicate that I am with them, and get their point.  But sometimes, there are people who just don't pick up the cues!  So unfortunately, I either just grin and bear it and try to be empathetic by telling myself they have a real need to get their ideas off their chest, or in a few instances (when I just can't take it) I try to do something to escape!

those are all great ways to handle it!  i often feel cornered and just do the grin and bear it thing.  but it's no fun!  your empathetic approach is very compassionate.  and a summary sentence is a great idea!

but i envy those who figure out a way of politely escaping!  i watch them go and turn back to the talker, reluctantly...

I know that feeling!

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