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Brazil's Billion-Dollar Gym Experiment

Brazil s Billion Dollar Gym Experiment Pacific Standard The Science of Society


This is just one of thousands of classes taking place simultaneously each morning and evening across Brazil. It is part of a bold vision that’s persuaded government officials to invest over a billion U.S. dollars in free, safe access to regular exercise for anyone in almost every city in this, the fifth-largest country in the world.


His research team had just conducted a study, he said. When asked if exercise is good for your health, 99 percent of respondents said yes. Ninety percent were aware that inactivity can increase the risk of high blood pressure and over 75 percent knew that it can cause diabetes. “These findings suggested that knowledge is definitely not the main barrier against people exercising.”

Rather than telling people they should be exercising, Pedro believes that any successful public health campaign will have to make it fun, enjoyable, and convenient. “We don’t want something to be right or to tell people what they ought to do,” he says. Instead, exercise needs to be a choice that anyone can make. And it starts with giving people access.

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Free safe access to exercise is a bold strategy, Cotton. 

Let's see if it works out for them. 

They'll probably save money on healthcare in the long run.

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