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5 Ways to Improve Your Memory: Quick Tips

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#1. Use techniques to build memory.

A big reason we forget information is that we never really learned it in the first place. You can use some simple tools to help you process that information. Here are a few ideas:

  • Mnemonics and mental images. If you have ever taken piano lessons, you probably know the mnemonic “Every Good Boy Deserves Favor “ or “Every Good Boy Does Fine” used to help students learn the notes E,G, B, D, F on the treble clef. You can create mnemonics of your own to help your retain facts. Another idea is to create a mental image that matches with the name of a colleague you meet .
  • Say it out loud. Another way to boost your recall is by stating out loud what you need to remember. When you meet someone, don’t just say, “Hello,” say, “Hello, David, it is nice to meet you.” Repeat the name again when you depart. If you are parking in an unusual place, tell yourself, “I am parking on Level L today” as you lock your car to re-enforce the information.
  • Write it down. Take notes when you are on a phone call or in a meeting. Key words and phrases can be enough to help you remember the information later.

Avoid multi-tasking. Contrary to what most people think, doing more than one task at the same time can work against you. A study by the late Clifford Nass of Stanford University found that when people deal with multiple streams of information at once they don’t handle them as well as if they had dealt with them one a t a time. Ultimately, multitasking is task-switching, and it is a process that slows you down and can actually make you more forgetful.

Four more tips here:

Practice. Practice makes you better.

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