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5 Tips for Connecting with a Cold Email |

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This is a great blog post about email. Historically, I've been guilty of the Tolstoy-length email, because I never realized email was something to be dreaded. I secretly enjoyed it. But years later, as my writing's shortened and reformed, I see the humor in this deadly serious piece. I think it'd be nice to get some cookies, too, Noah. I usually send people jam and paleo treats. Time to balance the karma, I think. 

Jam and Paleo treats are better than cookies!

Twitter has changed the way I email. Now I'm shorter and direct a lot more. 

Beatings have changed the way I email:) This is just a different world. I needed a culture coach and Rosetta Stone to understand people's annoyance with email. I get it now. I don't get annoyed much.

Rosetta Stone?! How did that influence you?

I needed one for Silicon Valley. Had no idea what people were saying. Ping for example. I failed to ping people until I googled what I had to do to successfully ping someone. Sounded PG-13 to me.

It's a different language, culture--disorienting for a total outsider. I was your Will Smith coming to Bel Air...I needed a translator:) I provided you all tons of reasons to laugh, I'm sure. 

No, I just didn't realize there's a Rosetta Stone for Silicon Valley speak!

Or is there an urban dictionary for Silicon Valley? I guess you can google any word. 

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