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Sony To VR Skeptics: PS4 Headset Project Morpheus Is Amazing And You'll Realize When You Try It

Sony To VR Skeptics PS4 Headset Project Morpheus Is Amazing And You ll Realize When You Try It GameSpot


Ever since the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus virtual reality headsets were announced, some people bemoaned the fact that you'll need to strap the device onto your head to experience everything the technology has to offer. Now, Sony has reached out to those skeptical of virtual reality with a new message: try it and you'll be convinced.

"Do people want to wear a big headset on your head? The experience is so amazingly different, that you want to come back to this place that is not where you are," PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida said during the recent Gamelab conference in Barcelona. 

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Fascinating that Microsoft does not have a horse in this race.

I guess Oculus works with Xbox?

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