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Paul Ryan has made this election about the ISSUES.

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William Voegeli writes that Paul Ryan's vision challenges the cost of Democrat ambition:

Ryanism reminds the American people that a long-term trend is not the same thing as a law of nature. That the welfare state always has grown does not mean it always must grow. Indeed, a well-designed and well-administered welfare state can, in a welcome sense, grow and shrink at the same time.

Second, Ryanism challenges the Democrats to finally come clean, 80 years after launching the New Deal, about the cost and consequences of their ambitions.

Paul Ryan is one of only a handful of people with the guts to try to end Medicare as we know it.

The Republican platform officially went from mostly undefined to being about something significant.

In less than 90 days, we'll know what the American people want.

When is Will McAvoy hosting the first debates?

Did Obama not achieve the first point with Obamacare?