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What sound does a panda make? What does the panda say??

Sounds like a dog! Stop begging, pandas, it is unbecoming of our species!!

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Here is my answer on Quora:

What sounds do pandas make?

Pandas bleat, bark, and whimper, like a lamb or a goat kid.

Pandas also huff and growl like a dog, but don't roar like a lion.

Listen here:

Be sure to listen to the noisy panda chomping on bamboo!


What noises do pandas make?

Pandas have up to 12 ways of expressing themselves vocally.

More here:

12 noises include youtubian sneezing:

Personally, I think a panda sounds like a dog:

Baby pandas make adorable noises that almost get them eaten:

I guess that panda cub noise can be considered a "squeak":

i think it sounds like a dolphin/monkey.

Dolphins and monkeys sound very different!

Dolphins squeak. Monkeys ooh ooh and ah ah. 

yeah, well, that's why i had to blend them with a slash!  ;)

Cool. I wonder what sound a monkey ON a dolphin makes.

monkey on a dolphin

ooh ooh  ah ah  eee eeeee!   blblblbblblblbbb....   eeeeeeee!   blblblblbllblbbl...   eeeeeeeeee! 

Sounds like Aesop.

haha!  these moral-driven tales are so bizarre...  often the morals don't even make sense!

Yeah, I've discovered that not every Aesop is a winner. Too bad, this one had a decent setup.

WWF says:

Pandas are usually quiet and solitary animals, but they may use a variety of sounds to communicate to each other. They may squeak, growl, bark and huff.

Pandas International says:

Pandas can make 11 distinct vocalizations. This indicates highly evolved communications, which allow them to communicate with other pandas. Their vocalizations can convey many emotions including distress, pain or friendship. A bark is used to ward off an enemy.

Cubs make a very loud squeaky cry.

San Diego Zoo says:

Pandas make a bleating sound similar to the sound a lamb or a goat kid would make. It's a friendly sound, a greeting. They don't roar, the way you think of a brown bear roaring. But they do bleat and honk, they sometimes huff, bark, or growl, and young cubs croak and squeal.

The U.S. National Zoo says:

Pandas vocalize extensively in social interactions. They "chirp" during mating and "honk" in distress. A "bleat" (a twittering goat sound) is a friendly contact call. A "chomp" (a rapid opening and closing of the mouth so the teeth audibly meet) is a mild defensive threat. A "bark" is used to scare an enemy. A squeal indicates submission or pain.

The U.S. National Zoo has a great frequently asked questions list:


Ask and ye shall receive.

You gotta love these lyrics:

What the panda say?
Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiangie Jiang Jiango go! 
Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiangie Jiang Jiango go!
Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiangie Jiang Jiango go!
What the panda say?

Evil black eyes
Rubber nose
Sleeping all day
Lazy and fat
Razor claws
Up a tree 
Suddenly you eat bamboo
black and white
So soft and cute
Fat devil in disguise
If you meet a tasty dog
Will you communicate by
smo o o o og, o o o o og, o o o o o og
How will you speak to that do o o o og o o o o og o o o o og COUGH?
What will you say?

You say you want an EVEN WORSE parody?

I got you covered:

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