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Lebron James Increases Cavaliers Valuation to Over 1 Billion?

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I'd imagine the Cavaliers will be worth even more if they win a championship.

According to Scott Soshnick of Bloomberg, LeBron's return to Cleveland means the Cavaliers are now worth more than $1 billion, which is nearly double what they were worth without James in the fold.

LeBron will have an impact on everything from ticket sales to merchandise sales, which makes him an incredible asset for the organization, per Soshnick.

I'm a little angry that LeBron only gets a salary and not a percentage of the team, given his value.

True.   For all of those people who complain about athletes being over-paid, you can't overlook the revenue they generate for the owners.   In a lot of cases, it would seem that they are under-paid!

LeBron definitely seems underpaid: He created $500 million in new value for the Cavs but only gets a two year deal worth $44 million?!

Also, the max salary cap is unfair. Chris Bosh is making more for his career earnings than LeBron!

LeBron James Career Earnings chart vs Cyrus bosh Show How Out Of Whack NBA Salaries Can Be - Business Insider

he definitely should negotiate stock/equity, considering the nature of today's employment/compensation packages, especially as basketball ownership becomes increasingly tech money.  

but such is the clear difference between the worker and the whip

the thing is, LBJ makes a lot for Nike, for the NBA, for so many other parties.  who gets what part of what?

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Cavaliers sell out of season tickets less than 8 hours after LeBron James announces return. » 

6:40 PM - 11 Jul 2014

LeBron has definitely made the Cavs worth a lot more. He really should have a stake in them.

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