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39 Life Lessons

Stashed in: Manifestos, Life Hacks, Lessons are repeated until they are learned.

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39 is a lot of life lessons. I actually like Jason Wachob's #1 the best:

1. "You can't connect the dots going forward; you can only connect them looking backwards."

Steve Jobs was right on the money with this one. There have been so many times when a perceived opportunity didn't work out and then a year later, there was a much bigger opportunity around the corner.

Also Katya you might want to add this to your "life lessons" stash with the orange "STASH" button above.

And you might want to change your title to include Mind Body Green or Jason Wachob so you can find this page again!

More life lessons:

Thank you, Adam! I am a new to PandaWhale and a bit lost with what I can do here. I will definitely want to look over Mind Body Green from time to time.

Oh good. As for PandaWhale, feel free to ask questions.

Thank you, Adam! I will :)

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