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Twitter sued for age discrimination: It's not uncommon in Silicon Valley.

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Age discrimination tends to be difficult to prove in court, but as a cultural problem in Silicon Valley, it's all but case closed.

Yeah, bad attitudes are all over Silicon Valley:

In 2011, Google reached a multimillion-dollar settlement in a similar suit with computer scientist Brian Reid, who was fired from the company in 2004 at age 54. Reid claimed that Google employees made derogatory comments about his age, telling him he was "obsolete," "sluggish," and an "old fuddy-duddy" whose ideas were "too old to matter." Other companies—including Apple, Facebook, and Yahoo—have gotten themselves in hot water by posting job listings with "new grad" in the description. In 2013, Facebook settled a case with California's Fair Employment and Housing Department over a job listing for an attorney that noted "Class of 2007 or 2008 preferred."

What's funny/stupid is that they're setting the stage for their own futures.  Aging is an inescapable process, as they will inevitably discover.  

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