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25 Simple Habits Anyone Can Take Up To Live A Healthy Life

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Eat home-cooked meals.

....Eating out is one of the biggest sources of unhealthy foods in our diets. Stay home and cook a healthy meal instead.

Find an exercise that you enjoy.

....The best exercise advice I ever got about fitness was this: find something you love doing. Whether it’s yoga, boxing, swimming, or playing basketball, pick an activity you really like and start doing it several times per week.

Floss every day.

....Flossing has a number of health benefits you may not even be aware of. Here’s one: it’s actually good for your heart.

Smile and laugh whenever possible.

....Make an effort to smile and laugh more. Choose to be happy now.

Stretch during commercials while you’re watching TV.

....Commercials are a great opportunity to get up and move around a bit. Stretch tight muscles or do some body weight exercises like squats or push-ups.

Use chopsticks to eat slower.

....Eating mindlessly is one of the most detrimental habits to your health. Grab a pair of chopsticks and you’ll eat your food much slower.

Take a break every hour at work and do a lap around the office or stretch out.

....Sitting down all day is terrible for your health. So get up and move. Take a stroll around your office and take regular stretching breaks. Your body will thank you.

Bike to work once a week.

....This one may not be reasonable for everyone but biking to work just once a week is an amazing way to get some extra exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and live a healthier life.

Do housekeeping yourself.

....Sometimes doing chores stinks. But you can burn serious calories doing everyday housework–around 225 an hour on average.

I'm down with all of these, but I would also say I spend a good 80% of ALL my free time on these "healthy habits" -- and I think I'm pretty efficient by now at cooking, working out, etc. They may be "simple" conceptually but they ALL TAKE TIME.

And you know what? There are a lot of fun things you can't really do if you're committed to this type of "healthy" lifestyle. I'm cycling to work 45 min a day, hiking with a pandic friend who is trying to lose weight 1 - 2 hours a day, strength training 3x/week, going to the farmers market and several supermarkets to source materials for my healthy meals, trying to get enough sleep. You know what I'm NOT doing any more? Open Source meetups, visiting museums, stitch-n-bitch sessions, karaoke nights... you get the picture.

So I appreciate all the advice in this article, but I think people need to have the perspective that SIMPLE does not mean what this headline writer thinks it means... and possibly neither does HEALTHY. I think in the long run someone who spends a lot of time with friends but is overweight is going to live a lot longer than someone like me who is eating kale at home alone every night.

Agreed.  Optimizing health over optimizing relationships is priorities gone a-wack.  

Many of these tips have a very low threshold for starting, which is what the writer probably was going for. 

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