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The Complete Guide to Making Pizza at Home

The Complete Guide to Making Pizza at Home FirstWeFeast com


And so the would-be pizza chef’s first problem is not what kind of oven to cook in, or where to buy the freshest mozz. No, it’s what kind of pie-maker to be.

“There are two kinds of home pizza cooks,” said Adam Kuban, founder of Sliceand proprietor of pop-up pizza joint Margot’s Pizza. “There’s the serious amateur who’s maxing out his or her oven, hacking it so it runs hotter, who’s always in pursuit of the next one- or two-percent improvement; and then there’s the ‘all pizza is good pizza’ person.

“I’ve been both,” says Kuban.

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Not only is all pizza good pizza, but now we have an answer to Jennifer Lawrence's question: HOME.

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