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Game of Thrones Re-Watch notes: s1e3 "Lord Snow" and s1e4 "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things"

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Ned Stark: "Are you telling me the crown is 3 million in debt?" 

Petyr Baelish: "I'm telling you the crown is 6 million is debt." 


tl;dw Everyone who fights The Mountain dies horribly.

For a master-at-arms, Ser Alliser seems to do very little actual instruction.

He just seems to stand there and tell people to hit each other.

Alliser talks down to Jon like he wasn't trained in a castle himself. He was a knight for crying out loud.

LOL Jon kicking Grenn and Pip asses...

Singer in the Inn with Tyrion at the end of ep4 is the singer whose tongue Joffrey has cut in ep10.

Also the Frey in the Inn, extends an invitation to Catelyn and Lord Tully to Walder's 90th nameday.

Remember Walder takes insult to Lord Tully neglecting this invitation in ep9.

I understood the beginning of e3 when Ned talks to Jaime in the Great Hall much better knowing what exactly happened to Brandon and Rickard Stark when Aerys murdered them.

Also when Cat says goodbye to Ned in e3, it is so much more powerful now knowing it is the last time she will ever see him.

Wait, wait, when Aerys murdered who?

Aerys was the Mad King.

He killed Ned Stark's brother and father in a terrible way:'s_Rebellion#Causes

This was one of the causes of Robert's Rebellion in which Jaime kills the mad king.

And Robert Baratheon becomes the new king.

All of this happens long before episode 1.

Brandon and Rickard Stark aren't in the prequel infographic:

Bran and Rickon are named for Brandon and Rickard.

When pronouns confuse.  "...much better knowing what exactly happened to Brandon and Rickard Stark when Aerys murdered them."

Poor antecedent word crime!

Episode 3 and Arya already has a list.

The ending of episode 4, that was amazing!

"In the name of King Robert and the good lords you serve, I call upon you to seize him and help me return him to Winterfell to await the King's Justice."

Bunch of swords whip out in Tyrion's face.

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