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All the nods to Game of Thrones book readers from the show, updated and with proper tags, through season 4.

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We will eventually get to Oberyn and Tyrion -- scroll to the end and see, or take your time with these wonderful nods...

Lem Lemoncloak is a member of the Brotherhood w/o banners who was cut from the show, hes known for always wearing a dirty piss yellow cloak, many think this is a subtle nod to book readers.

The place where Arya gets on a boat to Bravvos is a town call Saltpans. It isn't named in the show, but you can see salt everywhere in the scene

The boat arya takes to Braavos in the books is called the Titans Daughter. See the resemblance

House Manderly which will most likely be introduced in season 5 made a cameo at the red wedding when Wendel Manderly is killed by the Freys. House Manderly's sigil is a merman

In this scene when queen Selyse is talking about her stillbirths, she mentions one of them is named edric, Edric Storm was a book character, another one of Roberts bastards who the show combined with Gendry for the "kings blood" plot line on dragon stone

In the books Tyrion has mismatched eyes, Oberyn makes a comment about seeing baby tyrion at casterly rock, saying he didn't have mismatched tail....

Also in the books Tyrion lost is Nose in the Battle of Blackwater bay Cersei make note of this saying "i heard you lost you nose"

Joffery makes note of Ser Duncan the tall during a scene with Jaime. The Dunk and Egg Tales are a series of short stories that take place 100 years before game of thrones.

Old Nan mentions his name when telling stories to bran in season 1

When Shireen is telling Davos to pronounce Aegon like "egg" that is another nod to the Dunk and Egg tales

Bonus: there is a mysterious little fool (jester) in the books that has prophetic rhymes and songs which Shireen sings in the end of 3x05

Can you figure out what the song foreshadows?

House Mormonts words are "Here we stand" Jorah nails the delivery

more j-bear, for shits

Bonus J-Bear strip courtesy of u/Woburn2012 make more now please ;)

Sansa fucking loves Lemony Lemon cakes in the books, the show bring it up from time to time

SER MOTHERFUCKING POUNCE! he has a cult following among book readers which is now spilling into this sub. The Pounce who was promised

In the books one of Theons most memorable lines is him always telling himself, "Reek Reek my name is Reek" you can hear him muttering it as he treats with the ironborn at Moat Cailin

The Iron Throne is described much larger in the books, GRRM said this is how he sees it. In the show Littfinger and Varys make note of it

Varys: "A thousand blades, taken from the hands of Aegon's fallen enemies. Forged in the fiery breath of Balerion the Dread." Baelish: "There aren't a thousand blades. There aren't even two hundred. I've counted."

"There was also a scene in the recent battle at The Wall where a crow fights off the wildlings with a giant cleaver. That was (supposedly) a nod to Hobb the badass cook. Also Jon kills Styr with a blacksmith's hammer, and I think it's a stretch but some take it as a reference to Donal Noye." - u/shogi_x thanks for pointing this one out, might be one of my favorites. Hobb and Donal Noye are Nights watch characters who were cut from the show, Fun fact Donel Noye had only 1 arm and he was the one who killed Mag the Mighty in the tunnel not Grenn and co.

Sort of a nod, Roy Dotrice is the person who reads the audio books and plays the role of Hallyne the pyromancer, chief of the Guild of Alchemists, the wildfire dude



The Meereenese Knot is a difficult-to-perform act of contortion or sexual gymnastics, named after the city of Meereen in Slaver's Bay. Kayla, a prostitute in King's Landing, is one of only four women in the known world who are able to perform a "proper" Meereenese Knot.

In the A Song of Ice and Fire fandom, the "Meereenese Knot" is a reference to a complex series of plot problems George R.R. Martin encountered whilst writing the fifth novel in the series, A Dance with Dragons, problems which delayed the novel for a considerable amount of time.


In the show when Tyrion first meets Oberyn and they are walking outside the brothel, Tyrion says 'As a fellow second son...' This is interesting because Oberyn was in the sell sword company The Second Sons and soon so will Tyrion...

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