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The Big Winner from Y Combinator’s Success? Sequoia Capital

The Big Winner from Y Combinator s Success Sequoia Capital


So, Y Combinator has created a staggering billion dollars in value for itself (and its limited partners) in less than a decade -- a phenomenal achievement. But which investor has benefited the most financially from YC’s success at cultivating valuable startups? It’s very likely Sequoia Capital, Silicon Valley’s premier venture capital firm.

As Altman’s numbers reveal, the economics of the venture business are driven by the winners. Three companies in the YC portfolio are currently worth over billion dollars and they make up the overwhelming majority of the portfolio’s value. Airbnb ($10 BN valuation), Dropbox ($10BN), and Stripe ($2BN) are worth $22BN collectively, or 73% of the total portfolio. 

Sequoia Capital is the Series A investor in all three of the companies. They were the first company to provide institutional funds and have board seats at Airbnb, Dropbox, and Stripe (as well as other YC company successes like Weebly, HumbleBundle, etc).

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In retrospect a brilliant move that made a LOT of money for Sequoia.

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