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Strange things your body does: Doctors answer Reddit questions.

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That little pink thing in the corner of your eyes? My left one squeaks when I rub my eye or even remotely touch it.

This is an anatomical mix-up. “The little pink thing is not squeaking,” says Anne Sumers, a clinical ophthalmologist and spokeswoman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. “The caruncle is totally silent.”

In fact, this squeaking is the sound of air escaping through the puncta—tiny tubes that connect your eyes to the lacrimal sac, where tears come from. Air can get into this sac through the naso-lacrimal duct that connects the sac to the nose. (The connection between eyes and nose is also the reason your nose runs when you cry.)

“It’s just a physiological trick that some people can do,” says Sumers, “kind of like bagpipes.”

Sometimes I can hear my blood pumping in my ears. When I was a little kid I thought it was my “train of thought.”  (HOW CUTE IS THAT?!)

“People very commonly report that they can either hear or feel their heartbeat in their ears,” says Patrick O'Gara, president of the American College of Cardiology and director of clinical cardiology at Brigham and Women's Hospital. “Some say it becomes more noticeable at night when lying on their side.”

O’Gara explains that, when you lie down, the arteries around your ear can be pushed against the skull bones. Since sound is more effectively transmitted through bone than air, it can create the sensation of hearing your pulse. People who experience this sensation while standing up may have arteries more tightly pressed to their skulls, or they might simply be more attuned to the sound.

Train of thought is a cute idea.

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