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realistic water art by zaria forman

zaria forman does all this amazing art with chalk pastel and her fingertips!  want to buy it?  good.  it would be a worthy investment. click on the photos to see more of her work.

Zaria Forman | Artwork | Saatchi Art

Zaria Forman | Artwork | Saatchi Art

Zaria Forman | Artwork | Saatchi Art

Zaria Forman | Artwork | Saatchi Art

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I could look at these all day, especially the Greenland seascapes.

Saatchi is top of the top!

she does beautiful work!

and, yes, saatchi is super cool.  how is it that you are at the forefront of every subject, geege?

are you a spy?  (you can message me privately if the answer is yes.)

Geege is a polymath!

indeed.  or is that just her cover??

Why do I feel like Chauncey Gardner all of a sudden?

I don't know who that is. 

From the classic movie Being There, starring Peter Sellers.  

Plot Line: Chance (Peter Sellers) is a middle-aged man who lives in the townhouse of an old, wealthy man in Washington, D.C.He is simple-minded and has lived there his whole life, tending the garden. Other than gardening, his knowledge is derived entirely from what he sees on television. When his benefactor dies, Chance is forced to leave and discovers the outside world for the first time.


His simple words, often due to confusion or stating the obvious, are often misunderstood as profound; Ben Rand finds him direct and insightful, qualities which he admires. Chance's simplistic utterances about gardens and the weather are interpreted as allegorical statements about business and the state of the economy.

Chauncey is an imbecile.

because you're deep and funny, geege.

that's a damn fine movie, btw!

Emily, it is you who is deep and funny, and that's why you see it in others!

Adam, I think you'd enjoy this movie.

  • There's an exhilaration in seeing artists at the very top of their form: It almost doesn't matter what the form is, if they're pushing their limits and going for broke and it's working. We can sense their joy of achievement — and even more so if the project in question is a risky, off-the-wall idea that could just as easily have ended disastrously.Hal Ashby's Being There is a movie that inspires those feelings. It begins with a cockamamie notion, it's basically one joke told for two hours, and it requiresPeter Sellers to maintain an excruciatingly narrow tone of behavior in a role that has him onscreen almost constantly. It's a movie based on an idea, and all the conventional wisdom agrees that emotions, not ideas, are the best to make movies from. But Being There pulls off its long shot and is a confoundingly provocative movie.
  • What is Being There about? I've read reviews calling it an indictment of television. But that doesn't fit; Sellers wasn't warped by television, he was retarded to begin with, and has TV to thank for what abilities he has to move in society. Is it an indictment of society, for being so dumb as to accept the Sellers character as a great philosophical sage? Maybe, but that's not so fascinating either. I'm not really inclined to plumb this movie for its message, although I'm sure that'll be a favorite audience sport. I just admire it for having the guts to take this weird conceit and push it to its ultimate comic conclusion.
    • Roger Ebert, in a reeview of Being There (1 January 1980)
  • The movie presents us with an image, and while you may discuss the meaning of the image, it is not permitted to devise explanations for it.

Being There is a 1979 American comedy-drama film directed by Hal AshbyAdapted from the 1970 novella by Jerzy Kosinski, the screenplay was written by Kosinski and the uncredited Robert C. Jones. The film stars Peter Sellers,Shirley MacLaineMelvyn DouglasJack WardenRichard A. Dysart, and Richard Basehart.

Douglas won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Sellers was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role.[2] The screenplay won the 1981 British Academy of Film and Television Arts (Film) Best Screenplay Award and the 1980 Writers Guild of America Award (Screen) for Best Comedy Adapted from Another Medium. It was also nominated for the 1980 Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay.

Being There was the last film featuring Sellers to be released in his lifetime. The making of the film is portrayed inThe Life and Death of Peter Sellers, a biographical film of Sellers' life.

This is pretty good:

that's the very beginning!  i hope those funky beats got you in the mood to watch the rest of it!!

Haha, yeah, those beats are so 1970s!

Ok, watching the trailer:

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