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Are We All Braggarts Now? -

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I am so HUMBED to have the greatest girlfriend, best friend, parents, colleagues, superheroes in the world. #humblebrag

Glad to see I'm not the only one who hates the #humblebrag. Haha. People are more subtle these days. East coast friends will go to visit Facebook (which seems impressive to their friends back home) and instagram a photo "using Facebook at facebook. It's like inception." Or they'll slyly post a photo of themselves with the President: "so humbled to meet #44." Key word humbled. LOL. I'm sure ive been guilty of this...but hey, plank in your own eye, speck in your brothers, right?


"It's become a phenomenon where if someone posts a status update and 500 people see it and no one objects, it must be true," says Jennifer Mirsky, 45, a digital content strategist in New York.

"But could it really be that everyone else has a husband as thoughtful as the heroes of romance novels, children who combine the brilliance of Einstein with the winning charms of Shirley Temple, and jobs packed with wall-to-wall glamorous events?"

Ms. Mirsky says her strategy is to simply hit the "like" button and move on. "You input one keystroke of indeterminate meaning to say 'hooray for you!' " she says.

So how should you deal with a braggart?

"Feel sorry for them, because they're doing this impulsive, destructive thing that won't help them in the long run," says Simine Vazire, a research psychologist and associate professor at Washington University in St. Louis. Research on self-enhancement shows that people who brag make a good first impression, but that it diminishes over time.

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