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This DIY Game Boy With A Raspberry Pi Inside Can Play All Your Favorite Classic Games


A hack project by DIY enthusiast and gamer John Hassl has given new life to the original Game Boy, thanks to a helping hand from the Raspberry Pi, the $35 complete computer that fits in the palm of your hand. The project features Hassl cramming the Pi into the case of an original Game Boy, and running classic game system emulation software on the Pi to give you access to all your favorite old titles on a portable game system you know and love. Hassl even hacks on a couple extra buttons around back to make the DIY project compatible with more modern system emulators.

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This is so very awesome.

Which emulator do they use?  None are adequate. 


This was somewhat simple and can be summed up with one word – Retropie.  You can download bootable image which can be written to an SD card which will provide you with the Raspian operating system as well as it auto booting to Retropie.  Check out the Retropie forums for more details on installing, configuring and troubleshooting Retropie.

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