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Censored! My image(s) for #seemetakeover are censored:

Received email today from See Me stating my artwork for

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It's the billboard owner that's the problem, not right?

Thank you for asking Adam. It's not See Me who is censoring my artwork, it is the billboard owner. But, it is See Me's problem to rectify. They asked me via email on 6/19/2014 to submit the image of my artwork, "Grab A Hold On You" to #seemetakeover. See Me knew what billboard in Times Square the images for #seemetakeover are going to be displayed on. I have an email between myself and Justin at See Me dated July 3rd where she states that is The American Eagle Billboard. I am asking See Me to either display the image in question with the parts that are offensive to the billboard owner censored with black strips or display another one of my images such as, "Straight To Your Heart" instead. It is on See Me to make this right. Also if the image in question is "Grab A Hold On You", that image is about feminine power, not sex. The female in the image is holding a dumbbell weight in her hands, exercising. She only has one nipple showing, that is not a big deal. Put a black censor strip on it and call it a day in the life of art in America.

Ah, I see. Well I hope See Me lets you use the modified image.

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