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Kayaker Lifted Out of the Water by Whale

Source: YouTube Video

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Here's what they're saying.

Guy: Tell us what you're feeling.

Girl: You take pictures.

Guy: I'm filming. Look, that one is coming over here. Can you see her?

Girl: Yes.

Guy: Look. (whale growls) That one got angry at you. Look, here you have another one....that one's going to crash into us, eh?

Girl: Take pictures of them, take pictures of them.

Guy: I'm filming them.

Girl: But I want one for face (facebook?)

Guy: I'll get one later.

Girl: aahhhhh!

Guy: LOOK! It's coming to bite your oar. LOOK! LOOK LOOK LOOK LOOK LOOK LOOK LOOK Etc...Terrible terrible terrible(in this case more like awesome!) loooooook It touched us. We're on top of the whale, we're on top of the whale, we're on top of the whale. Look look look we have 2. Maintain your balance, maintain your balance only. Look look look look. Terrible. Look, look. Look look look.

Girl: (unintelligible as the camera is dunked under water) laughing

Guy: Row that way, row that way.

Girl: Wooo, check it out man. (very slang way of saying it in a traditional argentine way: Ohh zarpa boludo.) (Unintelligible again due to dunking the camera.)

Guy: Narrate, narrate. Say something, say something!

Girl: (unintelligible due to semi blocked mic)

Guy: Call him.

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