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This Box Can Hold an Entire Netflix

This Box Can Hold an Entire Netflix


You've probably heard about Netflix peering issues recently, the pissing contest between Netflix and ISPs arguing over who should pay who for what, with us poor binge-watchers caught in the crossfire. But at the heart of all the arguments is mundane yet spectacular piece of hardware. An unassuming box that holds approximately one (1) Netflix.

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Wow, all of Netflix in one little box!

Huh, so if I swap out my 4 x 3T disks with Western Digital Red 6T disks, I can store 8,533 hours of netflix style video at crappy netflix resolution or about 7,000 hours of "superHD" netflix video OR about 6,500 hours of True 1080 HD or about 1,625 hours of 4K video.   Let's see, WD Red 6T disks are going for about $300, so $1200 for the lot.   So calculating California tax and shipping, it comes out to about $.83/Hour of 4k video. 

Hmmm...not bad.

Really not bad when you look at the cost of storage 5 or 10 years from now.

It's only going down more, right?

And let's face it, 1625 hours of video is 70 or so days' worth.

Imagine how many years it would take to watch all that content.

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