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League Of Legends Testing New System For Banning Jerks

League Of Legends Testing New System For Banning Assholes


Riot is currently testing a new combination of human review and "machine learning" to identify and punish players exhibiting "extreme cases of toxicity" (listed examples include intentional feeding, racism, death threats and homphobia). It's being tested so they can sort out how many false-positives it returns, but if it works, we can hopefully expect more bans for people who are dragging regular player's experiences into a negative space.

Players could be banned from a period of two weeks up to forever if busted engaging in this kind of talk.

In another break from current policy, Riot will also be tackling the issue of players complaining about their bans. If a player is caught by this new system attacking another player and they debate their innocence, Riot will be publishing chat transcripts so as to be "fully transparent".

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This is awesome. Gaming is so much more fun without the jerks.

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