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The new iPad

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I'm disappointed Apple decided not to increase the storage options in the new iPad. More storage is the main reason I want to upgrade (besides the Retina Display). HD movies, music, and apps have completely filled up my version 1 iPad. A full season of an HD show can be over 20GB (and that's before the new 1080p video) and now iPhoto with an 8MP camera will make the storage requirements even higher. iPhoto looks great, but 64GB may not be enough to get me to move my photos over. It would be great to hear how others are handling storage issues with their iPad.

Casey, I share your frustration.

Right now I'm handling storage issues with iPad poorly.

It's a lot of sync'ing and re-sync'ing and deleting.

Come on, Apple, we've had 64GB since the original iPad in 2010. It's time for an upgrade!

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